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The Loft @ Collabor88 December 2014: Deck and Pool with winter expansion Pack

The Loft @ Collabor88 Dec. 2014

Pool and Deck release with snow expansion, including frozen pool water and other accessories. There is a stone firepit, lights and a pool cover (not shown).
Fire pit seats 3 avatars at a time or one couple. Includes automatically rezzed for use props like a marshmallow skewer and stools.

Note: Does not include skating pose on frozen pool. That can be found at The Men’s Department from !Bang Poses.

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The Loft – New Christmas Releases

The Loft - Christmas Decor

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The Loft @ Collabor88 August 2014

The Loft @ Collabor88 August 2014


The Loft @Collabor88 February Supernova Part 2

The Loft - Collabor88 Ad_Part2

The lounger is interactive and comes with animations. 2 Prims.

Footstool also interactive has couple animations. 2 Prims.

The rug has couple animations and is 3 prims.

Record player works has 3 prims and the scattered records are 5 prims.

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Alderan Dining Room – Mid Century

I released this set a while ago but never got around to blogging it or sending any notices. If you are in love with Mid-Century it is a perfect complement to the recent Alderan Living Room  . Every piece of the place setting is texture changeable ,tables are available in 3 finishes and chairs come in a variety of colours.

Alderan Dining Room - Mid Century

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The Villa Casolare Winter Expasions

The Loft Brings you the winter expansions for the Villa Casolare.  Teleport to the Loft.

The Loft Villa Casolare Winter Expansion Full

The Loft Villa Casolare Lights Expansion

The Loft Villa Casolare Snow Expansion

The Loft @ The Arcade

Tots TVs  - The Arcade September

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