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The Loft @ Collabor88 – February

Part 1: The Loft @ Collabor88 Feb-2014

Rod lights are 1LI and not scripted, modifiable so you can adjust glow and light features as you wish.
Stools are 3LI and multi-animated

Room divider is 3LI and come with menu options that adjust

Chair is 4LI , multi-animated and built in props you can choose. Lots more colours to choose from.

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If you are in the Lofty Spaces group do not forget to pick this up via group notices. This is not an exclusive group gift so it will expire from notices on Tuesday February 4th.

The Loft - Group Gift

Lofty Spaces Membership:

This is not an exclusive group gift (it will be in an upcoming release)so it will only be available in the notices until Tuesday 4th , 2014.

Lofty Spaces Membership

As a member you enjoy :
1) Discounts on all room sets. Discounts varies but will never be less than 10%

2) Access to exclusive member only events

3) Group Gifts: These can be Exclusive or Part of an upcoming Release.
Exclusive Gifts:
- Can be an exclusive color/pattern or exclusive design
- Will never be on sale at the store.
- Will be sent via the group notices and remain there for 10 days
- Will be available on a group gift wall at the store

Part of an upcoming release:
Sometimes I will send a gift which is part of an upcoming release and these:

- Will be on sale at the store at some point in time
- Will be sent via the group notices and remain there for 10 days, if you missed collecting the gift from the notices then it will be on sale at the store.
- Will NOT be available on the group gift wall at the store.

Please note:

I have no set schedule for when I send out group gifts. Due to my schedule it would not be fair to you or to myself to set one because

there will be times when I will be unable to deliver at the expected time.

I am not responsible if you do not receive notices or if SL decides to “act up” and results in you not receiving a notice. There is an option to to allow offline messages to your email.

In the case of non exclusive gifts, I may send a reminder before it expires but I am not obligated to do so.


Second Life Interior Decorators – Alexand Vantelli

With a mix of patterns and furniture styles Alexand manages to create a space that is warm,welcoming and exudes confidence. His rooms are polished and eclectic and I would certainly not mind being invited to kick off my shoes and stay a while, just talking about anything and everything. There is so much detail in this room , detail that gives you the sense that every piece on display has sentimental value and meaning.  Everywhere there are signs that these spaces are being used, I asked Alexand about this and he said ,”…with all the spaces I do. I like to try and achieve realism  and realism come in the small tiny details,  I like to think them as more then “details” more like… “Signs of life” little cappuccinos around, half read books and such”.

781 5th Ave, New York, NY

781 5th Ave, New York, NY

I am a huge fan of re-purposed furniture, Britain Knave and Editorial Clarity are masters at it and I can also add Alexand to that list. I was amazed at how he was able to transform this bar cart and mirror into an entirely new product.


781 5th Ave, New York, NY

This door is everything and according to Alexand “… a lot of fabulous brownstones and high rises in NY have been chopped up to make smaller, but still very fabulous apartments. So that is my justification for having such a elegant entrance to such a rather small apartment”

781 5th Ave, New York, NY

781 5th Ave, New York, NY

AlexComp781 5th Ave, New York, NYic

781 5th Ave, New York, NY

781 5th Ave, New York, NY

781 5th Ave, New York, NY

781 5th Ave, New York, NY

The Loft @ Fameshed

If you aren’t into the fancy and formal spaces then we have a patterned version of the casolare chairs with new casual and accents and detail.

The Loft @ FaMeshed

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Alderan Dining Room – Mid Century

I released this set a while ago but never got around to blogging it or sending any notices. If you are in love with Mid-Century it is a perfect complement to the recent Alderan Living Room  . Every piece of the place setting is texture changeable ,tables are available in 3 finishes and chairs come in a variety of colours.

Alderan Dining Room - Mid Century

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New @ The Loft: Villa Casolare Dining Room

The Loft - Villa Casolare Dining Room Denim

The Loft - Villa Casolare Dining Room Griege

The Loft - Villa Casolare Dining Room Ebony

Texture changeable bowls(silver, gold, glass), napkins(white and khaki) and napkin rings(gold and silver). Other colour chairs and tables and chandeliers available.

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The Loft Home Tour Contest: Congratulations Britain Knave!

Home Tour Contest Flickr

Loft Home Tour Contest Entry - Britain Kennedy (Britain Knave)

We would like to congratulate Britain Knave on winning The Loft Home Tour Contest and every future release for life! Thank you to everyone who participated and permitted us to tour your lovely homes.

1st Place – Britian Knave – We absolutely loved how innovative you were in re-purposing pieces to make your space really stand out.

2nd Place – Harlow Heslop – We fell in love with your attention to detail, all the small pieces you added made your home really warm, inviting and lived in.

3rd Place – Morgan Faith – Your personal style was amazing. Another comfortable home that we had a hard time moving on from.

4th Place – Zasneny Dubrovna – We loved your use of space and colour, everything was cohesive and flowed nicely.

Again we would like to thank everyone who participated and also everyone who went out to view the homes.
A special thank you to our 8 other Judges:

Thalia Heckroth
Editorial Clarity
Umberto Giano
Elle Kirshner
Justice Topaz
Ruby Starlightwriter
Shana Pizzaro
Valena Vacano
Luna Jubilee
Giela Delpaso


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