Update: Combatting I.P. Theft

In our previous post Vanya was thanked for her part in getting Seven, her real life sister, to remove stolen LOFT textures.

We are now retracting any gratitude towards Vanya as there exists strong evidence to show that she has been pulling the wool over everyone’s eyes. Vanya has done this before and will continue to do this – especially if her victims continue to keep quiet.

Back in January, Vanya was caught selling – with full permissions – the sculpted wedge component from a prominent shoe designer’s portfolio of products. When she was caught she, like her sister, went into “Seven mode”, claiming she made the texture from scratch and offering to send files as proof. Well, when the files were sent there were no mistaking that the ones she had were ripped. The shoe designer let it go back then, thinking, ‘it was only a wedge, a single part of a shoe, so no big deal’.

Vanya claims that she is sorry for not being diligent in monitoring what was going on in her business, yet the wedge incident happened before theft from myself and Surf Couture. This incident clearly shows that her claims of “…. never having been thought to be involved with content theft” is dishonest. Despite what she says, this designer has come forward with logs that would prove otherwise. It is clear that Vanya, Seven and Brett are repeat offenders.


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