New at The Loft: Pemberley Prefabs

The Loft is proud to present two variations of the sought after traditional brownstone: 729 and 730 Pemberley.

For those of you familiar with Bethany Heart’s work, you may recognize the concept of these brownstones from The Villages at Pemberley (Pemberley 90, 120, 25). With inspiration taken from their namesake, Bethany has completely updated the textures, entryways, staircases and prim detailing, so you can have a piece of Pemberley wherever you call home.

729 Pemberley
Footprint 40×30
Offering a cool, monochromatic, concrete interior for stylish, modern, brownstone appeal.

730 Pemberley
Footprint 25×20
With its hardwood floors and fire escape, this prefab takes a more traditional approach to the beloved brownstone.

Look for a complete furniture pack available for the Pemberley prefab in the near future and coming soon, a prefab like you’ve never seen from The Loft. Stay tuned!

To purchase the Pemberleys visit us at The Loft (The Loft 169, 128, 27) and see how much more we have in store.


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