The LOFT Bon Accord Bedroom in Dark and Maple Wood.


The Loft is proud to announce the latest edition to its bedroom series, Bon Accord.

This set is rich with earth tones invoking colors of the season to bring a sense of peace to your place of slumber.

The Bon Accord bed is the latest to use the menu-driven XPOSE animation system, which boasts 45 animated poses sub-categorized as follows:

When purchasing the Bon Accord set not only do you receive a 10% discount, but you also get more added realism and practicality.
The Bon Accord Dresser set’s animations include brushing hair, makeup, thinking, and male sit with applicable props included.

The closet can be animated with just a touch and for a truly lived in feel, be sure to check out the pair of options for dresses and men’s shirts to be hung neatly or strewn about to your liking. For some added versatility the coverlet and pillows are also changeable by touch.

Items sold individually or as a set.

For further product information or to purchase, please visit us at The Loft.


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