New at The LOFT: Elizabeth Orchids and Nardya Causual Dining

The LOFT has been busy this December preparing for the release of the colourful line of Elizabeth Orchids and the Nardya Casual Dining set.

The Elizabeth Orchid is a delicately sculpted plant that will add a sense of life and balance to any room in your home. Available in four soft, calming colours; Lavender, Blush, Peach, and Jaune.

The Nardya Casual Dining set blends modern and traditional elements making it a versatile addition to your home.

A modern contrast of black and white paired with warm and eccentric accent pieces makes this the perfect dining room whether you prefer city living or laid back island style.

With practical features like texture change chairs and lamp, animated props and multi-animation seating, your home will reflect the sense of realism that The LOFT strives to create with each product.

Pieces sold individually or as part of a set.

Come and see what more we have in store at The LOFT.


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