Lofty Spaces Monthly Event.

Lofty Spaces - Monthly Event at the Loft.

The LOFT is excited to extend an exclusive opportunity to our valued group members.

We want to see The Loft in action; the way you use The Loft’s products to enhance your home in Second Life. Starting in the month  January one member per month will be chosen, at The Loft’s sole discretion, to be featured on the store’s blog accompanied by a photo shoot and interview. If your home is chosen you will be rewarded with a L 1000 store card. This is a great opportunity to showcase your interior design and decorating skills, but to be considered you must abide by the following rules and submission standards:

1) Open to The Loft group members only, no exceptions.

2) All products pictured are not required to be from Loft, however, The Loft’s products must be clearly visible.

3) Send 3 unedited snapshots of your home’s interior in a note card to the avatar, TheLOFT Galaxy , Please rename the notecard to read Lofty Spaces – [ Your name here]. Please do not drop these entries on Dahlia or Colleen. All entries need to be sent to TheLOFT Galaxy.

4) If you are chosen for that month then a representative will contact you to arrange a short interview and to take pictures of your home.

5) Entries must be received by the 15th day of each month.

If any of the above rules are not followed the submission will disqualified.

DISCLAIMER: Just because you send us a snapshot does not mean you will be chosen.

Please play fair as stated by the above rules and above all else, have fun! We look forward to getting a glimpse in to your homes.

All questions with regard to this event should be sent to

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