The Addison Living Room

Addison Pink

Addison Noir 1

The Loft announces the newest addition to its line of living sets, the Addison.

Available in two distinct colour themes, the Addison is a suitable fit whether your home follows a classic, monochromatic theme or a funky, brightly coloured one – all with an air of sophistication and style. With its combination of modern and antique design elements and great attention to detail, the Addison creates a room that is bold and unique, while still being practical.

Beyond the aesthetic, all three seating pieces are scripted with The Loft’s Xpose animation system for smooth, realistic, menu-driven poses which are couples-friendly and true to life. The ottoman automatically rezzes the appropriate props to match your animation be it napping, eating popcorn or just chatting. Even the pillows are scripted to allow for extra seating, which makes entertaining or hanging out with friends at home even easier.

Items sold separately or as a set with all pictured items included.

Visit us in-world to test out the animations or for more product details.

Come see what more we have in store at The Loft.


Ads courtesy Bex Hathaway.


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