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Lofty Spaces – Congratulations Ashlin Leandros!

Ashlin Leandros
Ashlin Leandros

We would like to congratulate Ashlin Leandros on being the  first winner of Our Lofty Spaces monthly event. I had the pleasure of sitting down with Miss Leandros to talk about her home,  so  after a few crashes and re-logs we got things underway.

Oriana Robertson: Let me say once again Congratulations on winning the very first Lofty Spaces Event presented by The Loft.

Ashlin Leandros: Thank you so much! I am beyond excited!

Oriana Robertson: How do you use your home? Do you hang here alone or are you a big entertainer always having friends over?

Ashlin Leandros: Well I have a family in SL, a large one at that. We all live here on this sim together, so there are always people in and out. We are here about 80% of the time, hanging out and doing things together.

Oriana Robertson: We love what you have done with your space. How long did it take for you to create it and how would you say your design choices reflect your personal style?

Ashlin Leandros: It took me about a week to put it all together. I love green, any shade, and once I got the base items to start with, it kind of all fell into place after that.

Oriana Robertson: What is your one favorite element in your clean and fabulously decorated home?

Ashlin Leandros: This living room is probably my favorite, we spend a lot of time in here together as a family, and also with friends. It’s very comfy and cozy to me and the colors make it feel warm as well.

Oriana Robertson : Thank you for your time and allowing us to take a peek inside your space.

Ashlin Leandros: Anytime and I thank you so much for being able to participate in the contest.

Ashlin’s house was cozy and  filled with mementos of her large SL family.  My favorite part of her home was the kitchen, where freshly baked cookies greeted us. And what stood out the most in this room were her appliances. They are created by Stormy Javelin of True Balance. The products are very well scripted, the dishwasher loads and unloads, you can choose between “Short” or “Long” washing cycles, rez the clean dishes and even put them away! The microwave has different food options as well as the toaster. Too cute!

We would also like to mention here that because of the response we received we decided to choose two runners-up they are Annunziata Macchi and Krissy Muggleston.  Annunziata was chosen because of her great attention to detail and the way she seamlessly married Modern with Traditional.

Annunziata's Living Room
Annunziata's Living Room

With Krissy’s house we really appreciated the way her home reflected  a cool collector style,  her use of bold colors and her collection of original art by Filthy Fluno.

Krissy's Living Room
Krissy's Living Room

Our winner will be awarded a 2500l gift card and our runners up will each receive a 1000l gift card.

We want to thank everyone for their entries.  So we will be  looking for more entries in February.  Show us the LOFT in action!

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