New @ The Loft: Dazel Patio Set


It’s time for outdoor living with The Loft’s sense of style.  Step into the weathered wood pergola and take a look at the Dazel Patio Set.  The dark rattan chairs are shown with white cushions but come packaged with 9 textures and multi animation scripting. The matching table has great curves and contrast, with a bowl of glowing rocks to ward off the chill of an SL evening.

The taller table in steel and aluminum contrasts with the organic feel of the other pieces.  Highlight your grouping with a set of hanging lanterns and add interest to your patio with a collection of rough-textured planters. With that weathered and sculpted fence, you can make it all just a bit more private. Huge thanks to Aradia Dielli and Azufr3 Catteneo for providing their beautiful home as backdrop for this set and my son Seven for mixing the music for this slide show.

All items can be purchased as a set or individually at the Loft.


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