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New @ The Loft: The Corie Bedroom and The Mayer Bedroom Noir .

Soft light filters into the calm master bedroom as ceiling fans turn silently above you.  Your hand caresses rich wood and fresh fabric.  Take a close look at the amount of detail put into the upholstery – the quilting in the pillows and the trim along the edge of the cushions.    The bed, chaise, and bench contain a huge number of animations.  Want to sit on the chaise and work on your laptop?    Desire to show off after your latest shopping spree?  Fancy a bit of yoga?  It’s all possible.

These are both variations to the Mayer Bedroom from the recently released Wisteria House:

First is The Corie Bedroom which boasts warm and rich hues and is texture changeable with coordinating colors so no matter what combination of colors you use your pieces would always complement each other.

Corie bedroom 1

Corie Bedroom 2

Corie Bedroom 3

Corie Bedroom 4

The second is The Mayer Bedroom Noir for the individual who feels more at home and comfortable with a neutral palette.

Mayer Bedroom Noir

Mayer Bedroom Noir 2

As usual all items  may be purchased individually or as a package. TP to store here.


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