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Newish @ The Loft: Bailey Outdoor Dining

Bailey Outdoor Dining , another set I released for Home Expo but only now getting around to announcing it.
Whether you lean toward understated elegance or prefer something bold to brighten up your outdoor, the Bailey Outdoor Room, with its texture changeable features is exactly what you need.
The Fireplace supports animations for couples and single and touching the back of the chairs dispenses utensils.

This set is available to Lofty Spaces Group Members @ 50% off te regular price for today , May 27th.

The Five Lofty Spaces Group Members who will recieve a copy of this set are:

Lexy Calcutt
Aisuru Rieko
Lauren Minuet
Shamira Rives
Zinia Quan

Please send an IM to Colleen Desmoulins to claim your prize


2 thoughts on “Newish @ The Loft: Bailey Outdoor Dining”

  1. Hi! Just wanted to say thanks again for the awesome prize! As soon as I got the set I put it out on my patio and started playing with options, there are so many! It’s a great set for a truly quality outdoor dining area and the fireplace is like the cherry on top! The animations in it are just too cute, thanks again, you made my evening! 🙂

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