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New @ The Loft – Origami Dining

In collaboration with Nardya Rousselot of Nardcotix.

Bring home a touch of Japan with this five-star dining set; the new home ensemble from The Loft.

Modern influences entertain with origami-inspired seating.  Each chair is multi-purpose, equipped with animations and props. The sideboard, with its texture changeable capabilities between white and wood ads contrast and makes a dramatic statement.

The whimsical Lucky cats or Maneki Neko is a very common sculpture in Japan and brings the owner good luck.

WHITE – will bring you good luck and happiness.
BLACK  – ushers in protection from illness and evil spirits.
GOLD –  shares good luck in wealth and wishes for dreams come true.

The detailed pieces of this amazing dining set will surely make your dinners the talk of the town!

Teleport  to the Loft.


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