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Second Life Interior Designers – Shana Pizzaro

I have always wanted to showcase rooms on this blog, rooms that have nothing to do with new releases from The Loft, however, I could never find the time to do so. My friend Shana Pizzaro just got herself some land and a house and I figured it would be a good idea to post what she did because I love it so much. So from time to time maybe I will just peruse my FLICKR contacts and ask the amazing interior decorators permission to show their creations here.

According to Shana, she really wanted a mesh home so inspired by Samantha Hellman,another interior decorator that produces stunning rooms, she used the Abiss Studio Apartment skybox. (Check Out Samantha’s  Flickr Photostream)

My new digs!


Bailey Bed and rugs by The Loft
Shelves,Dresser, Closet, Side Tables, Lamps and Chandelier by Abiss
Trunks by POST
Flowers by Nienna Wood
Shoes n' tings! ♥


Living Room

Tables,Sofas, Rug, Fireplace, Mirror, Pictures, Checkers and Tray by the Loft
Drums, Gong, Buddha by Tartessos Arts
Lamp on console by Digs
Poufs by LP2 Furniture
Masks by Urbanized
Planters by Leezu
Cookie Bowl by Plaaka
Snacks by Kewt Kids
Kitchen by Aria
Plate Decor on kitchen wall by [North West]






Sofa, Daybed small vases by The Loft
Frames by Aria
Rug By Digs


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