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The Loft @ Global Domination

A brand new and exciting game that brings out your inner sleuth? Think you can solve the entire quiz, you may want to try because if you do you are guaranteed some amazing prizes.

The Loft had to draw inspiration from Turkey and just for picking up your passport you receive these side tables:

The Loft - Rana Moroccan Side Tables

Pick up this Turkish bench after making it to the end having successfully solved all the quizzes and riddles:

The Loft - Armagan Bench

So here’s how it works:

Beginning Feb 7th you can purchase a passport from for L$300. You only need to purchase ONE Passport HUD to play the game and to get all the prizes at the end. Each store offers an incentive when you purchase your passport. This is a gift just for getting a passport . There are even more prizes at the end should you solve all the riddles and quizzes.

Global Domination will begin on February 14th, at which time the price will go up to L$400. You will still be able to purchase your passports at the above stores, but you will also be able to purchase them at the game’s starting location.

Before you embark on your journey, wear your passport HUD. You MUST keep your passport attached to you at all times during your game play. You can detach it if you take a break to go do something else, it will store your progress. Just make sure it’s on while you play or nothing will work!

The passport book will attach to the right side of your screen. Clicking the book will open it. You’ll see the imprints of slots where your passport stamps will go. When you solve a puzzle one of the stamps will fill up the imprint, marking your progress.

You’ll also notice a slip of paper sticking out the top of your passport. This is your inventory list. As you go through the puzzles, there will be items you will need to pick up for use with other puzzles. This list will keep track of those items for you. Once you use those items to solve a puzzle, they will disappear from the list. So don’t panic if you had something and then find it gone! It just means you’ve already used it and that part is done.
You can click the passport again to close it and give yourself some more room on your screen.

Pick up your passport here

Further Details here


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