The Loft Home Tour Contest: Congratulations Britain Knave!

Home Tour Contest Flickr

Loft Home Tour Contest Entry - Britain Kennedy (Britain Knave)

We would like to congratulate Britain Knave on winning The Loft Home Tour Contest and every future release for life! Thank you to everyone who participated and permitted us to tour your lovely homes.

1st Place – Britian Knave – We absolutely loved how innovative you were in re-purposing pieces to make your space really stand out.

2nd Place – Harlow Heslop – We fell in love with your attention to detail, all the small pieces you added made your home really warm, inviting and lived in.

3rd Place – Morgan Faith – Your personal style was amazing. Another comfortable home that we had a hard time moving on from.

4th Place – Zasneny Dubrovna – We loved your use of space and colour, everything was cohesive and flowed nicely.

Again we would like to thank everyone who participated and also everyone who went out to view the homes.
A special thank you to our 8 other Judges:

Thalia Heckroth
Editorial Clarity
Umberto Giano
Elle Kirshner
Justice Topaz
Ruby Starlightwriter
Shana Pizzaro
Valena Vacano
Luna Jubilee
Giela Delpaso


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