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If you are in the Lofty Spaces group do not forget to pick this up via group notices. This is not an exclusive group gift so it will expire from notices on Tuesday February 4th.

The Loft - Group Gift

Lofty Spaces Membership:

This is not an exclusive group gift (it will be in an upcoming release)so it will only be available in the notices until Tuesday 4th , 2014.

Lofty Spaces Membership

As a member you enjoy :
1) Discounts on all room sets. Discounts varies but will never be less than 10%

2) Access to exclusive member only events

3) Group Gifts: These can be Exclusive or Part of an upcoming Release.
Exclusive Gifts:
– Can be an exclusive color/pattern or exclusive design
– Will never be on sale at the store.
– Will be sent via the group notices and remain there for 10 days
– Will be available on a group gift wall at the store

Part of an upcoming release:
Sometimes I will send a gift which is part of an upcoming release and these:

– Will be on sale at the store at some point in time
– Will be sent via the group notices and remain there for 10 days, if you missed collecting the gift from the notices then it will be on sale at the store.
– Will NOT be available on the group gift wall at the store.

Please note:

I have no set schedule for when I send out group gifts. Due to my schedule it would not be fair to you or to myself to set one because

there will be times when I will be unable to deliver at the expected time.

I am not responsible if you do not receive notices or if SL decides to “act up” and results in you not receiving a notice. There is an option to to allow offline messages to your email.

In the case of non exclusive gifts, I may send a reminder before it expires but I am not obligated to do so.


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New @ The Loft

About a week ago I was working on a personal project and needed an armchair and a side table. Chair is 2 prims and Table is 1 prim.

Animation Menu: General, Ladies, Guys, Couples, Toddler, Parent/Child, Office. Mod.Copy.No Trans.

Lots more color options available.

Canson Armchair

Canson Chair and Martini Table

Teleport to The Loft.

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Lofty Looks – Wide Open Spaces

Has your pretty Second Life home turned into a dumping ground for your inventory? A place just to rezz or set home to? Or just stuck in a interior design rut? Well, Lofty Looks is to the rescue. Here is where we will tackle all those decorating dilemnas that frustrate us all.

First challenge up – Open Spaces. We’ve all been there. You spend hours TP-ing all over the grid to find your perfect prefab. You get home, excited to rezz it and place it just right. You walk inside, cam around at the larger than life rooms… then stand there…for days. After awhile, it just becomes a place for you to TP to when you need to change clothes or im your friends while you wait for inspiration to strike.  Large, airy rooms are pretty common in-world, usually to allow for unobstructed camera movement. Decorating these rooms can be a huge pain.  We used the Eams Modern House by NotsoBad to show  how to handle the most common areas: living room & bedroom.

When confronted with a large room or an open space it is always  a good idea to just break the space up into smaller activity areas and you can use dividers, bookshelves, or rugs to help define these spaces. We created the main living area in the center of the room and decided not to settle with the standard formula of one sofa two armchairs etc. Doubling up in the seating makes proper use of all the space we have available while we tied it all together with different textures/fabrics  using the color orange and grounding the area with a great rug.  Two small sitting areas at the back of the room were placed to offer different experiences. The far left offers a sense of solitude with the use of the chaise lounge while on the right the club chairs provide a more intimate seating area which encourages conversation.

For the bedroom, we created some architectural interest as well as a focal point by adding a wall to serve as backdrop for the bed. Don’t be afraid to add or remove walls to fit your design needs! A rug was placed at the end of the bed instead of halfway under it, so we can extend the area thus utilizing more of the space.

Well, that’s it for the first edition of Lofty Spaces. We will be back soon with another interior design pain we’ll have the cure for.  Til next time!

♥ Justice