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The Loft – Hayward Deck

The Loft @Collabor88
Hayward Deck and Lights w Winter Expansion
Lights are available in static or twinkling

The Loft - Hayward Deck Winter.jpg

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Sale: 50% off at The Loft

Sale!!!! Friday and Saturday Only.
Only items on the Loft sim and not including gift cards. Store credit not earned on sale items.
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The Loft @ The Arcade

The Loft & Aria @ The Arcade

For the this round of The Arcade, The Loft and ARIA bring you a backyard theater collection that is aimed for you to enjoy the outdoors with your friends but not only, many of the pieces can be used in other fun settings as well.
The collection consists of 13 pieces total for you to collect;

8 commons which include: “film festival” banner, popcorn, decorative projector,candles, tables, hot drink tray, reel tray, pillow stacks A and B and poufs (which include single and couples animations).

3 rares: Tree with a decorative screen(the tree has a texture change foliage), string lights and wicker lights.

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The Loft at Tannenbaum Holiday Market


My absolute favorite holiday is Christmas, but when it comes to furnishings I prefer to veer away from tradition by creating rooms that can be used year round. So just add or take away Christmas tree and tinsel as needed. Sofa available in mature or PG versions with texture changeable blanket. All items are trans

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The Loft – Monochrome Christmas Gacha

The Loft - Monochrome Christmas Poster

11 Commons

3 Rares

Mod/Transfer/no copy

$L 25 per play

Available at Tannenbaum

The Loft & Aria @ Collabor88

The Loft @ Collabor88


For the this round of Collabor88 themed Autumn Blues, The Loft and ARIA are offering Lennox, a cozy vignette for those gloomy autumn days and bright festivities ahead.

The Lennox vignette is composted of a sofa which you can get in a wide range of 12 colors, throw cushions that come scripted for texture change and contain 4 fabric options, a coffee table, decorative book pile with an abstract sculpture and plant, wall mirror as well as floor lamps.

It totals 18 LI, has copy and modify permissions.

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