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The Loft @ FaMeshed: Tufted Headboards

Add some style and polish to any room with these headboards.
Tufted Headboards @ FaMeshed

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The Loft @ Kustom9

Set Comes with an island and stools, serving tray, and pendant lights. Props automatically rezz or attach. Island available in adult or pg. 12 prims as shown.

The Loft @ Kustom9:

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The Loft @ Uber: Collab with Aria Furniture

The Baxter bathroom suite is elegant, glamorous and comes with industrial chic touches. The suite comes with a marble double sink, bathtub, toilet, cabinets, mirror, wall lights and a ceiling light as well as a side table/stool and accessories.
Aria & The Loft @ Uber September 2015

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The Loft – Solana Living Room

This set was released for C88 August but some real life circumstances prevented us from ever finishing the add. It is now out at the store.

PG version of the Solana Couch caters to families with animations for interaction between Kids and Parents.

The Loft - Solana Living Room

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Aria & The Loft @ Collabor88 – September

Corvus Vignette - Aria & The Loft @ Collabor88

For the witch who is all about that glam life!!

ARIA and The Loft have prepared the Corvus collection,for the upcoming round of Collabor88 themed Muted Coven, it includes a three sitter sofa which is available in adult or PG version and in 7 textures options, a matching decorative throw pillow that changes textures, a side table that comes in 3 different shades of metal as well as the lights. It also includes a cow hide rug and a set of texture change vases.

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The Loft @ Collabor88 July

A cardigan thrown here , a pillow there, a basket of pillows and blankets for that morning chill. A Very casual Breakfast nook with all the fixings. Features texture changeable pillows ,blanket ,chair legs and automatically attaching props. Curl up share a meal and some good conversation. Other paint colours available for chairs and pendant light.

The Loft @ Collabor88 July: Cordova Breakfast Nook

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The Loft @Mix

The Loft Mix Event

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