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The Loft @ The Arcade_June

The Loft Arcade June 2016

The Loft @ Arcade - Promo Pic by Britain Knave wedding reception of dreams

wedding reception of dreams wedding reception of dreams

wedding reception of dreams

The Wedding Reception collection consists of 14 pieces to set up the perfect wedding reception, or to decorate your home. Rare items include the Mr & Mrs chair sets in both silver and gold! Common items include a blossom cake, ombre cake, petal pathway, flower girl basket, and a table in white and beige, as well as chairs, place settings, and candelabra in silver and gold.

The wedding reception chairs have poses, some of which include attachable props, and the flower girl basket has a pose as well. The candelabra flowers, and petals in the basket as well as the petal pathway have texture change options while the cakes are both texture changeable and give cake slices on touch.

The Wedding Reception collection is modify and transferable. Collect the full set and exchange for a copyable set!

Come to The Arcade during the month of June to collect this set.

Also at The Arcade, check out the Bridal Parlor collection by ARIA! The parlor set is perfect for your bride’s room, and comes with 15 pieces to collect!

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The Loft & Aria @ Collabor88 May

The Loft & Aria - May C88

Together again, The Loft and Aria have created a new set for Collabor88 with “New Americana” as their theme. For this round we went for a transitional style in the Troubadour room, a perfect blend of traditional and contemporary design, with no details spared.

This full room set is ready for any living room or family room. This expansive set is complete with sofa, coffee table and side table. Also available is a large assortment of coordinated decor, including a rug, 2 different table lamps, a geometric side table, wall decor, candles, bowl decor, a vase with orchids, and 5 assorted plants.

The Troubadour sofa is available in 7 colours, sold separately with texture change options for throw pillows. The coffee table has 5 colour options sold separately as well. The Troubadour table lamp is available in 10 colours sold separately and both lamps turn on and off when clicked.

The sofa is available in Family/PG and Adult options, all packed full of hand chosen poses with various wearable props. The Family/PG version has space for 2 to 4 member families as well as 1 to 4 kids playing poses ready for anything from family time to play time.
The Troubadour set totals 42 LI as displayed and is copy and modify, and materials enabled!

The set will be available at Collabor88 for the month of May!

Aria & The Loft @ Uber April/May

Aria & The Loft @ Uber

ARIA and The Loft have come together once more for the April/May round of Uber! For this event we have created the Portico set, understated with some unique country style.

The Portico set comes complete with bench, table, rug, and a beautifully detailed window decor piece as well as a throw pillow, breakfast tray, wall sconce and assorted potted plants.

The portico bench is available in 6 different colours sold separately, each packed full of singles and couples poses many with attachable props. The window decor piece is available in 3 colours each sold separate. The Rug, throw pillow, breakfast tray and Aspidistra plant are texture changeable and the wall sconce turns on and off on touch.

Check this set out at Uber.



The Loft @ Collabor88

The Loft @ Collabor88

THe Hellam Dining set, a set sure to make a statement on your patio. Perfect for any garden, urban rooftop, or backyard pool.

This uniquely styled set comes with table, benches, chandelier. and table runner, as well as matching succulent bowl and decorative tea lights.

The Hellam Dining bench and table runner come with texture change options to create your own personal look. The bench comes loaded with hand picked animations, attachable props and seats up to three. The chandelier turns on and off on touch.
The Hellam dining set is 47 land impact as seen on display, each item is copy modify.

See this set at Collabor88.

The Loft & Aria @ Uber

The Loft & Aria @ Uber 03/16


The Loft and ARIA are at it again! This time bringing you the Jabode Entry set!

This Far East inspired set is bound to make a statement in your foyer, hall, or any other space you use it in! The set is complete with bench, chair in 2 variations, screen, mirror, rug, and mirror, as well as an orchid, wall sconces, decorative pillows and two beautifully detailed decor accent pieces.

The Jabode bench comes in 6 different colours, each sold separately. Both the bench and chairs are packed full of singles and couples poses many with attachable props. The screen is available in 5 different colours, sold separate. The rug, throw cushions, and orchid come with texture change options and the sconces turn on and off on touch!

The Jabode set totals 26 LI as displayed, and is copy and modify.

Come check this set out at UBER open until April 23rd


The Loft & Aria @ Collabor88

The Loft & ARIA - Winslow Garden Vignette

For the upcoming round of Collabor88 with the theme “The Secret Garden”, The Loft and ARIA bring you the Winslow Garden Vignette!

This flawlessly detailed, spring inspired set is perfect for outdoors and in, coming complete with Table and chairs, throw cushion, chandelier, privacy screen, as well as decor pieces including potted plants, empty pots, a watering can, bouquet of flowers and a decorative sun hat.

The Winslow chair comes in 5 different colour options sold separately, each packed full of hand chosen singles poses, many with props. The throw pillow, flowers, watering can and hat include texture change options, and the chandelier turns on and off by touch.

The Winslow Garden Vignette totals 30 LI as seen on display, copy and modify, and materials enabled!

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The Loft @ FaMeshed

The Loft @ FaMeshed

Round Iron Garden/Patio Chair .a beautifully detailed round wire chair! Perfect for your garden patio, or bring it inside as an accent piece in your home!

The chair is available in 9 colours sold separately, each packed full of hand picked singles poses, many with attachable props. Also available is an optional throw pillow with texture change options for you to create a unique look, sold separately.

Props are set up with scripts utilizing the new experience feature where you only grant permissions once rather than each time for each separate object.

Totaling 3LI, this beautifully detailed chair comes with copy and modify permissions.

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