Store Policy

Staff. The Loft is owned and operated exclusively by Colleen Desmoulins who is the only person to conduct business on behalf of The Loft brand. The owners are not responsible for the actions of someone claiming to be a staff member. If you see someone impersonating The Loft staff, please contact Colleen.

Refunds and Exchanges. Due to the rise of intellectual property theft The Loft products are now sold as Trans/No Copy/No Mod with the exception of beds, which are Mod/Copy/No Trans. Transferable items only may be returned to the designer for reimbursement. Items that have been texture modified after purchase will not be refunded or exchanged. Contact the designer to make arrangements.

Customs. The Loft does not take orders for custom furniture or give away textures. We are, however, open to style suggestions – though we can not guarantee all suggestions will become part of the product portfolio.

Hours. Please be respectful of the business hours cited in our individual profiles. When IMing us, please state your needs clearly. Time is of the essence.

For inquiries regarding specific products, please contact the creator(s) directly.

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