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New @ The Loft – The Bailey Bathroom

The Bailey Bathroom is a set that when placed in your home will guarantee you at least one room where you can escape to enjoy moments of solitude, comfort and relaxation.

The Bailey Sink is texture changeable giving you 7 option to choose from.  It is multi-animated with bathroom appropriate animations, washing up, washing face, shaving etc.
Touching the handles dispenses props for use with your animations.One Sink also has the option of rezzing a stool for child avatars.

Who can resist writing on a fogged up mirror? The Bailey Mirror comes with texture changeable mirrors and frames allowing you to pick your personal message for the day.

The Shower and Tub come equipped with Single, Couples, Child, Children animations. They also rezz texture changeable props for various animations.

***** And here is the best part for one day Only Lofty Spaces Group Members  pick up this entire bathroom for 50% off the price*****

***** From 5:00AM SLT March 1st – 5:00 AM SLT March 2nd , Lofty Spaces Group Members can purchase this @ 50% off *****

5 Group members randomly chosen to receive this set are :

Rachelle Flores

Ailith Gable

Hina Cheri

Hannah Ashbourne

Lariza Resident

Winners Please send an IM to Colleen Desmoulins to claim your prize.

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New @ The Loft

Inspired by thoughtful proverbs and quotes?  Love a romantic feeling in the boudoir?

From lounging in bed watching your favorite movies to jumping on the bed with your friends, from cuddling in bed with your lover to…well, doing other things with your lover, this is the perfect bedroom for your romantic side, with a little bit of industrialism thrown in.

The messy blanket certainly adds to the overall warm and welcoming feel of the room, but it can easily be removed with a touch when you would like to make use of the animations.

The Bailey Bed, which is also available as a PG version, comes to you preloaded with seven themes to customize to your taste with the simple click on the curtained headboard, and there are texture-changeable accessories to match each theme.

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