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The Loft @ Fameshed

If you aren’t into the fancy and formal spaces then we have a patterned version of the casolare chairs with new casual and accents and detail.

The Loft @ FaMeshed

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Alderan Dining Room – Mid Century

I released this set a while ago but never got around to blogging it or sending any notices. If you are in love with Mid-Century it is a perfect complement to the recent Alderan Living Room  . Every piece of the place setting is texture changeable ,tables are available in 3 finishes and chairs come in a variety of colours.

Alderan Dining Room - Mid Century

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The Loft @ The Liaison Collaborative

Working pool and hot tub with controls for lights, bubbles and steam. Fully animated hot tub and pool with the ability to accommodate several avatars at a time.

Verona Pool

Verona Dining

Verona Dining Chairs

Outdoor Armchairs


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The Loft @ FaMeshed

New Dining Room with a definite industrial feel. Available in a variety of finishes and colours. Chairs are multi-purpose with built in props and items for any room in your home. You can now select items needed instead of them being automatically delivered to your inventory. Teleport to FaMeshed to check them all out.
The Loft @ FaMeshed April 2013

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The Loft – Mad for Mid Century

Let me say it before you do…yes more dining suites, but it is a room that had to be done because of my recent obsession with mid-century modern furniture. The Roxanne Dining room is full of polish with none of the fuss and don’t let the chairs fool ¬†because even though they deliver utensils and drinks , they also contain animations for casual or formal sitting and working such as writing or using the computer. Teleport to the Loft.

Add a touch of vintage to any room with these Bus Scrolls, lots more cities to come.

Sideboards come in so handy, where else will you put your keys, frames, old magazines, trays, utensils, bags and if you have space maybe a lamp or two.

Speaking of Lamps…

So now on to the good stuff, the following five Lofty Spaces group members should send me a note card with their choice of a room and a pair of lamps.

Trinetty Skytower
ellantha Larsson
Felicity Blumenthal
Lexy Blachere
Rosalee Canning

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Newish @ The Loft: Bailey Outdoor Dining

Bailey Outdoor Dining , another set I released for Home Expo but only now getting around to announcing it.
Whether you lean toward understated elegance or prefer something bold to brighten up your outdoor, the Bailey Outdoor Room, with its texture changeable features is exactly what you need.
The Fireplace supports animations for couples and single and touching the back of the chairs dispenses utensils.

This set is available to Lofty Spaces Group Members @ 50% off te regular price for today , May 27th.

The Five Lofty Spaces Group Members who will recieve a copy of this set are:

Lexy Calcutt
Aisuru Rieko
Lauren Minuet
Shamira Rives
Zinia Quan

Please send an IM to Colleen Desmoulins to claim your prize