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The Loft Newest Releases

The Loft is participating in the 2nd year anniversary of  The Men’s Dpt.

The Loft - Umberto Knole Sofa

Knole Sofa Colors

Teleport to The Men’s Dpt.

The Loft – Umberto Knole Sofa

• Mature and PG versions
• High detail 100% mesh (5 total prims)
• Sofa seats up to 2
• Rezz and worn props
• General Animations, Female, male, Cuddles


This month The Loft is also participating at the latest MadPea/Dwarfins Loft Mine hunt. This is the gift after the hunt has been completed.

Verne Telescope

Teleport to The Lost Mine Hunt


Prim Perfect Magazine and The Loft – Low Prim Designs for Your Home.

Is it possible to have The Loft style in a low-prim package?  I  was recently invited to be the first designer in Prim Perfect’s new project highlighting Linden Homes.  These homes, a benefit for those with Premium membership, come with a 117 prim limit.  Prim Perfect magazine will showcase in each issue one of the styles of Linden Homes, fully furnished by a designer.

Here  I am with Saffia in a mostly-empty Meadowbrook-Overlook house on a recent Designing Worlds episode and then watch for the next issue of Prim Perfect magazine on Sunday March 12th to see how the space is filled out with the style and flair from The Loft while still staying within that tight prim budget!

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New @ The Loft – The Noel Dining Suite

It’s Christmas time again and The Loft is ready! We introduce to you our new Dining Room. All seating is multi-animated and lights turn on but respond to owner only. Christmas living at it’s best, you’ll find these festive items on the first floor of the Living Rooms and Bedrooms showroom. Look for more seasonal items coming soon.

The room can be purchased as a package or you can pick up individual pieces. TP to the Loft.


New at The LOFT: Elizabeth Orchids and Nardya Causual Dining

The LOFT has been busy this December preparing for the release of the colourful line of Elizabeth Orchids and the Nardya Casual Dining set.

The Elizabeth Orchid is a delicately sculpted plant that will add a sense of life and balance to any room in your home. Available in four soft, calming colours; Lavender, Blush, Peach, and Jaune.

The Nardya Casual Dining set blends modern and traditional elements making it a versatile addition to your home.

A modern contrast of black and white paired with warm and eccentric accent pieces makes this the perfect dining room whether you prefer city living or laid back island style.

With practical features like texture change chairs and lamp, animated props and multi-animation seating, your home will reflect the sense of realism that The LOFT strives to create with each product.

Pieces sold individually or as part of a set.

Come and see what more we have in store at The LOFT.