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Mix-It-Up @ The Loft #2

Some new items, some not-so-new items, some items that have been sitting in my store for a while that I have never announced on the blog.

These sofas have actually been sitting in the store for a few weeks now, however,  I haven’t had a chance to announce them. The Kervern sofa is packed full of options, texture changeable pillows and blankets allow you to switch to your heart’s content and makes it easier to get the look you’re aiming for. The blanket thrown over the arm of the sofa is not only loaded with texture options but you are also able to tuck away or place it with just one touch.

TP to the Loft.

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The Loft – SL Daily Deals

This table set comes with so many texture options, plus its copyable so think of all the tables you can have for the extremely low price of one.  Only 40 of these texture change sets available at this price so stop in and get yours. Tp to the Loft here.