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Rooms to Go @ The Loft

It’s always nice to see what you can do with all the furniture laying about in stores. So I decided to work on some rooms using items  that were already available to me and creating some new items to complete the look.  If you love the layout and the color scheme this room is ready to go, but  you’re not limited to the display room because almost all the pieces found in these rooms are available in different colors so you can create your own look.  And if you would like to please post to our flickr group I would love  to see your furniture styling. Keep on the lookout for bedrooms coming soon.

Patchwork available here

Beck Remix available here.

Shades of Blue available here.

Beck Red available here.

Shades of Grey available here.

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Spruce Up Your Space with The Loft

Looking for a way to liven up neutral decor with some funky prints, then stop in to grab
one for yourself.

Teleport to get this.

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The Maxwell Line for The Meadowbrook Linden home.

Is it possible to have The Loft style in a low-prim package?  I  was recently invited to be the first designer in Prim Perfect’s new project highlighting Linden Homes.  These homes, a benefit for those with Premium membership, come with a 117 prim limit.  Prim Perfect magazine will showcase in each issue one of the styles of Linden Homes, fully furnished by a designer.

Now available at the Loft is the Maxwell Line created specifically for the Meadowbrook Linden Homes. Almost every piece of furniture in this line is texture changeable allowing you to easily customize your space.

Bed,sofas and loungers all contain both singles and couples animations.

As a special introductory offer  I have made 40 packages containing the entire line, all 5  rooms, for L2500.00.

If you would like to check out a lay out  of these items in one of the houses teleport here.

Teleport to the Loft .

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Mix-It-Up @ The Loft #2

Some new items, some not-so-new items, some items that have been sitting in my store for a while that I have never announced on the blog.

These sofas have actually been sitting in the store for a few weeks now, however,  I haven’t had a chance to announce them. The Kervern sofa is packed full of options, texture changeable pillows and blankets allow you to switch to your heart’s content and makes it easier to get the look you’re aiming for. The blanket thrown over the arm of the sofa is not only loaded with texture options but you are also able to tuck away or place it with just one touch.

TP to the Loft.

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Mix-It-Up @ The Loft

Usually I focus on creating full rooms, so this time around I thought would be fun to create several versions of different pieces which would make it easier for you to coordinate.

The Mayer Chaise

The Krissy Shelf

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New @ The Loft: The Morgan Christmas Scene

For anyone tired of seeing red this Christmas, the Loft presents a modern approach on your Christmas decor. This soothing blue will surely help you forget the rush and bustle of the holiday season.

The Fireplace comes equipped with singles and couples poses and rezzes props as needed.

The chair is multi-animated with male and female animations.

The stockings are filled with presents, but watch out it seems someone has been naughty because one is packed with coal.

This is all available as a package or each item may be purchased individually.

Please note that the fireplace, Christmas Tree and Stockings are Copiable only.

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