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The Loft @ Uber Aug 2016

The Loft & Aria @ Uber -  Rochester Patio

UBER is back for a new round full of amazing creators. For this month The Loft and Aria have created the Rochester Fire pit set, perfect for a long night out on the patio.

Autumn is just around the corner, bringing cooler weather along with it, and what is more perfect for this time of year than a warm fire and cozy seating for you and your friends. The Rochester love seat and chairs have a beautiful traditional style with plush neutral cushions available in 3 colours sold separately. Throw pillows have texture change options to add a splash of colour or keep it neutral. The main feature of this set has to be the fire pit, a contemporary style cement piece perfectly compliments any style. Also included is a concrete garden table, lanterns, and decorative mug. The lanterns turn on and off when clicked, and the mug has texture change options.

The Rochester love seat and chairs are both available in PG and adult options filled with single and couple poses, some include auto attaching and rezzing props.

The Rochester Fire pit set totals 40LI as displayed, and is copy and modify.

This set will be available at UBER closing Sept 22nd.

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New @ The Loft: Villa Casolare Dining Room

The Loft - Villa Casolare Dining Room Denim

The Loft - Villa Casolare Dining Room Griege

The Loft - Villa Casolare Dining Room Ebony

Texture changeable bowls(silver, gold, glass), napkins(white and khaki) and napkin rings(gold and silver). Other colour chairs and tables and chandeliers available.

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