The Loft at Tannenbaum Holiday Market


My absolute favorite holiday is Christmas, but when it comes to furnishings I prefer to veer away from tradition by creating rooms that can be used year round. So just add or take away Christmas tree and tinsel as needed. Sofa available in mature or PG versions with texture changeable blanket. All items are trans

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The Loft – Monochrome Christmas Gacha

The Loft - Monochrome Christmas Poster

11 Commons

3 Rares

Mod/Transfer/no copy

$L 25 per play

Available at Tannenbaum

The Loft & Aria @ Collabor88

The Loft @ Collabor88


For the this round of Collabor88 themed Autumn Blues, The Loft and ARIA are offering Lennox, a cozy vignette for those gloomy autumn days and bright festivities ahead.

The Lennox vignette is composted of a sofa which you can get in a wide range of 12 colors, throw cushions that come scripted for texture change and contain 4 fabric options, a coffee table, decorative book pile with an abstract sculpture and plant, wall mirror as well as floor lamps.

It totals 18 LI, has copy and modify permissions.

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The Loft at 6Republic

The Loft - Casa Alondra The Loft - Casa Alondra Indoor Lineup

The brand new Casa Alondra is a meticulously restored old hacienda. It features dark wood accents throughout the house as well as hardwood floors, 3 outdoor decks and 2 balconies that not only add curb appeal but can also be enjoyed by its occupants and their guests. This home’s layout is perfect for anyone, relax in the spacious living room or the upstairs family room. It features 2 bedrooms and one bathroom on the first floor and an opulent master suite with master bath and private terrace on the second floor. Open the windows to allow the breeze come into the house on those hot days or cozy up next to the fireplace during cold days. Come to The Loft and make this house yours today!

House Features:

• House structure 28 m by 16.65 m
• High detail 100% original mesh (192 total prims)
• Exterior Doors are equipped with a security system with four modes of access.
• Copiable and Modifiable

The Loft @ FaMeshed

The Loft @ FaMeshed : Demerara Hot Tub and Privacy Screen

Hot tub with wooden decking seats up to four avatars with animations for singles and couples. Adult and PG version available. Includes functions Bubbles, Water, Steam and Jets accessed via drop down menu.
(Baskets and Lanterns from other previously released sets)

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Aria @ The Loft @ Uber

Aria & The Loft @ Uber

For this round of Uber – Pumpkin Spice (Starts October 25th), ARIA and The Loft ring you an elegant, cozy and warm dining room suite.

The Ambrose dining suite includes all you may want in a dining room and more; a dining table that comes in three spectacular texture variations as well as a matching sideboard. Dining chairs in ten texture variations with each one including 3 wood textures for the legs and 3 for the rivets scripted into them with a texture change script. It also comes with a stylish fireplace and lots of accessories to compliment everything, including a center piece bowl, a vase with Hydrangeas (5 textures scripted into it for the flowers), a curtain and a picture frame which also include 3 options for the metal type scripted into them, a pendant light, vases trio, a faded rug and a warm decorative throw.

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The Loft – Collabor88 October

For the upcoming round of Collabor88 themed Burtonesque, The Loft and ARIA present you with the Baxter dining suite and extension of our previously released Baxter Bathroom Suite. It includes a luxurious dining table, dining chairs with texture changeable trim, sideboard, chandelier, rug, place setting and a center piece. All of this is accompanied by some quirky accessories.

The Loft & Aria Baxter Dining Room @ Collabor88

The Loft – Ophelia Chair

6 Color options. PG and Mature versions available. Visit C88

The Loft - Ophelia Chair

The Loft - Ophelia Chairs Color Options


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