The Loft @ Aria @ Uber

ARIA and The Loft have prepared a special collaboration for this months Uber.
The Devon bedroom suite includes a highly detailed bed with two built in modes, made or messy. Available is a wide range of smooth and flowing animations as well as a selection of pre-made sequences with fun and sensual interactions for single avatars, couples and a friends. Many of the animations come with rezzable or auto-attachable props.

Aria & The Loft @ Uber
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The Loft @ Shiny Shabby: Boho Inspired Items

Why look at the time on your computer screen when you can get that information on these stylish in world clocks?

The Loft @ Shiny Shabby March 2015

The Loft @ Shiny Shabby Part 2

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The Lickey Train Station

For those days when you either miss the train or the train simply doesn’t arrive. In a secluded area with nothing to do… What would you do?

The station is 11 Li, it is materials ready and has animations for singles, cuddles couples and and… well… check it out at Consensual.

The Loft - Lickey End Station

The Loft @ Collabor88 March 2015

Hayward outside Dining.
Versatile Set , use it indoors or outdoors , as a bar or as a dining table. Two versions of the stools which come packed with animations and sequences.

The Loft @ Collabor88 March 2015

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Deco Items @ The Loft

I love entryway items that is all. Other colours and finishes also available. (Mirror cluster can be unlinked to create your own pattern)

The Loft Deco Items

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The Loft @ Collabor88 February

My Love, my beard. It’s a new bathroom with a definite lumber sexual appeal.

My Love, My beard: The Loft @ Collabor88 February 2015

The Loft - My Love My Beard

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A Man’s World by Alexand Vantelli

In this ultra modern, masculine space meets chic and sophistication in a cliffside residence designed by Alexand Vantelli.

A Man's World 3

Clean lines, strong textures that make a statement with their supple luxury and elegant finishes. The living room consists of warm natural tones accented by cool modern whites and chromes.

A Man's World 2

Here is what Alexand had to say about the space and what inspired the particular look “Well, I think that men like refinement and elegance as much as anyone else, just in a different way.” he replied. “I designed the space for my client by asking myself; What would I want me boyfriend’s pad to look like? and I came up with masculine and chic.”

A Man's World 5

The dinning room is simple and unobstructed, yet sophisticated and refined. With a custom, one of a kind, oval crystal chandelier like light fixture designed by hand by Alexand Vantelli.

A Man's World 8


A Man's World 7

Breathtaking views of the ocean and cover below with an abundance of natural light; makes this house and decor lend itself well to any season.

Check out more pictures and designs in Alexand’s Flikr.


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