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New @ The Loft

This chair is multi-purpose, equipped with animations and props to function in any room you may want to place it, dining room, living room, bedroom at your vanity table, kitchen, office the choice is yours. Animations are conveniently grouped together allowing you to quickly find the one you need.

Chair gives or rezzes, eating utensils, Drinks, makeup, hairbrush, lipstick, nail polish, phone,laptop, pencil.

Table = 5 prims
Chairs = 4 prims each
All accessories togther will add 36 prims

Windlight Setting: Springscape by Luna Jubilee

This eight-arm chandelier retains its rustic structure but is painted for a more contemporary effect.

Aged wood, old metal, this chandelier is a rustic lover’s dream.

The 4 Lofty Spaces group members who  have won a copy of the Logie Garden Set are

Arnya Hastings

Farrah Bravitz

Haydin Romano

Jason Gillespie

Please contact Colleen Desmoulins to claim your prize.

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